Selling Surplus With Steven Levy Enterprises

Steven Levy Enterprises, Inc. buys and sells surplus industrial equipment and material from nearly every major industry across the country. We help businesses clear storage space and transform their idle assets into sources of cash quickly and easily. Whether you're in the market to buy or sell surplus, Steven Levy Enterprises can design a custom solution to meet your needs.

For over two decades, we have been clearing bone yards, storage areas, warehouses, work sites and factories of scrap material and industrial surplus. Sales of these supplies are enormously successful and a great value for both buyer and seller. Many industrial companies don't recognize the value of their surplus equipment; when you find the right buyer, your idle assets can be worth far more than you realize. Thanks to Steven Levy's industrial connections and experience, your industrial surplus sales have a great chance of attracting a high offer from interested buyers.

Experienced Professionals for Selling Surplus

Steven Levy Enterprises can free up space quickly and offer cash immediately for industrial surplus. Sales become our responsibility and you receive instant payment. Thanks to our storage facilities of nearly 30,000 square feet, we're able to collect and store a large volume of industrial surplus equipment in our warehouses until sale or auction.

Selling industrial surplus can be a difficult process for businesses with little experience in the market place. Steven Levy is uniquely positioned to make sure your surplus equipment is marketed, appraised and promoted in a professional and effective manner. When you need to sell surplus, sell with Steven Levy.

Get the Most out of Your Surplus Sales

By using our superior auction process, Steven Levy Enterprises can sell your unwanted industrial supplies to the highest bidder, helping you maximize your business’s surplus sales. Our expansive sales network, which includes both national and international buyers, enhances our ability to sell your industrial supplies quickly as well as profitably. Why have excess inventory sitting around for months or even longer, when Steven Levy Enterprises can expedite the surplus sales process and add cash to your company’s bottom line quickly?

In addition to the more than two decades we’ve been in business, the asset recovery experts at Steven Levy Enterprises possess more than 50 years of combined industrial surplus industry experience, so they know how to get the most for your equipment. We’ve earned a reputation for honest and ethical business practices that leads to many first-time users of our services becoming loyal, long-term customers. Our reputation for fairness also extends to our selling markets, as our buyers know they can purchase from Steven Levy Enterprises with complete confidence, which enhances the speed of the sales process. For a no-obligation consultation, contact the surplus sales professionals at Steven Levy Enterprises today.