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Buy Surplus Gear Motors & Gearboxes

Steven Levy Enterprises buys and sells new, unused, and used industrial surplus gear motors and gearboxes. Browse our inventory of used gear motors and used gearboxes available for purchase. Gear motors are used in applications that require high torque output at lower shaft speeds, which encompasses a wide range of applications and scenarios. The two most common gear motor types are right-angle gear motors that use worm, bevel, or hypoid gearing and inline gear motors, which typically use spur gears or planetary gear sets. A gearbox is that it is a contained gear train, or a mechanical unit or component consisting of a series of integrated gears within a housing. A gearbox functions like any system of gears; it alters torque and speed between a driving device like a motor and a load. Tell us what surplus gear motors and gearboxes you have for sale or call us at 713-910-4337.

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