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Buy Surplus Squirrel Cage Blowers

Steven Levy Enterprises buys and sells new, unused, and used surplus squirrel cage blowers. Browse our inventory of used squirrel cage blowers available for purchase. Squirrel cage blowers is used to move air and gases in a variety of applications. Squirrel cage blowers use kinetic energy to increase the velocity and capacity of the air stream; thus differentiating them from positive displacement blowers, which use mechanical energy to physically move the air from the inlet to the outlet. Squirrel cage blowers are known for their superior energy efficiency compared to other types of blowers. Squirrel cage blowers are typically used where a constant flow of large volumes of air is required, such as in ventilation, combustion, cooling and heating, drying, and air conveyor systems. Tell us what surplus squirrel cage blowers you have for sale or call us at 713-910-4337.

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