An Aggressive Buyer of Industrial Surplus

Since 1989, Steven Levy Enterprises, Inc. has been working with business and industry converting idle assets into cash. We are a buyer of all types of industrial surplus, whether you need investment recovery services, scrap metal management, boneyard cleanup, or just want to sell your surplus outright to an experienced industrial surplus buyer. Feel free to contact us for a no cost, no obligation, consultation.  We are located in Houston, Texas.

Current Offerings

Investment Recovery Services for Industrial Surplus and Idle Assets

Investment Recovery Association

Don’t let idle assets your company has lying around sit there any longer! Steven Levy Enterprises is able to appraise market and handle the shipment of your surplus equipment. Additionally, SLE will warehouse and market the assets for a percentage of the sale.

Let us take care of the entire process from storage and shipping to appraising and marketing, Steven Levy Enterprises’ Investment Recovery Service is a thorough, documented process which will give you unexpected value for unwanted materials.